May 1, 2019

New Trends Retirement Communities

The starter at Wintergreen announced the next tee time, including four generations of men from the Lewis family, including the 75-year old patriarch. Last year, this […]
May 1, 2019

Multiple Sclerosis: Symptoms & Care

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a nervous system disease that affects the brain and spinal chord by damaging the myelin sheath-material that surrounds and protects nerve cells-thereby […]
May 1, 2019

MRSA in the Elderly: Symptoms & Prevention

At Queen Anne Healthcare, a Seattle-based long-term care facility, it’s not uncommon for one or two of the 125 residents to be in isolation at any […]
May 1, 2019

Moving Seniors: Settling in to Senior Care

By Jeannette Franks, PhD Moving seniors is never as simple as we’d like. You may think your job is done once the move date for your […]
May 1, 2019

Moving Elderly Parents: Convincing Mom & Dad

May 1, 2019

Preventing Memory Loss

The Active Brain: Strategies for Preventing Memory Loss Will I forget my family members and loved ones as I grow older? Is there a way to […]
May 1, 2019

Memory Care Checklist

When you are considering a memory care community for a parent or loved one, you should try to make sure that the care that’s provided is […]
May 1, 2019

Medicare Coverage Explained

Medicare is a U.S. federal program available to individuals over 65 years of age to help them meet their medical needs. Here is some basic information […]
April 30, 2019

Medicare vs. Medicaid

The cost of senior care can stretch family budgets to the breaking point, but financial help is available. Medicare, Medicaid and the U.S. Department of Veteran […]